Julia Taylor

Cooking, baking, eating

Anything pertaining to food gives me immense joy, and absolutely stems from my voracious appetite as a child. I’ve always loved food and am constantly thinking about my next meal or planning exciting things to bake. Cooking for family and friends gives me the greatest joy, as does the ritual of sitting with loved ones and sharing a lovely meal. In today’s age of text, email, Twitter and Facebook – all of which I am guilty – it’s wonderful to enjoy real company.

Growing up, I remember intricate Sunday roasts with mountains of buttered, golden roast potatoes, real gravy, and the golden, burnished roast chicken. Horror and indignation is seared into my memory when I was presented with a cream cheese and corn relish sandwich for lunch in primary school. I’ve cooked success ful dinners and fantastic failures, but ‘eating’ is the common theme that threads throughout my life.

Today, as a grown-up, all genres and styles of food have a place in my kitchen. Kitsch, sop histicated, themed, celebratory, rustic, and simple food. The canvas of cultures in Australia is always inspirational, and I love French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indian, Moroccan, and Turkish cuisine just to name a few.

My passion is encouraged by cooks, chefs and writers such as Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Maggie Beer, Sophie Dahl, Julia Child, family members and friends. A hand-me-down recipe is something to be treasured and valued as a small piece of history, and I will never part with my mother’s ancient Margaret Fulton cookbook with its binding in tatters and yellowed pages. I strive for more a more sustainable lifestyle, to grow all my own vegetables, and relish in the thought of stumbling upon “the perfect” meal in the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it side streets of Rome or the bustling brasseries of Paris. I would eat my way around the world if given the opportunity, and the list for my ‘last supper’ is laughably long.

The fundamental principle amongst all of my inspirations, friends, favourite books, restaurants and cafes is that they all insist on using fine produce. I firmly believe the end product is no better than the ingredients used, and I will never compromise.

Food is always a personal expression and mine aspires to be sincere, heartfelt and above all, always delicious.

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